Best of House of Bennetts: June Edition

Since most of my stats are all over the place with the blog migration, I wont be able to give y'all a top 5 most viewed posts for the month of June like I did for May. Instead, we're giving away 5 different superlative awards for the month of June.

 Most Headache Inducing: Blog Migration


I asked y'all to vote for our new blog design and the Charlie and Chester Theme by the AMAZING Amanda won out. I ended up having her do the blog migration for me because it was an absolute nightmare. She is going to do a guest post soon about what she did and what pitfalls you can avoid if ever you decide to do this nonsense. Also, contact her if you have questions about this stuff. She was incredible and a lifesaver (she must have fielded like 5 half hour-long phone calls with wordpress and godaddy).

From my end, the blog transition was cooky bird because the site was down for about 36 hours. Also, some of the pictures did not get re-sized properly and so as I link back and forth to older posts, I am going in and re-sizing them. (If you notice this issue, comment, be blunt, and tell me to fix it).

The Sweetest Post(s): My Oregon Bridal Shower and A Post About My Sister

IMG_1352 IMG_5139

The month of June saw me have TWO bridal showers. The first was in Oregon and thrown by my very amazing soon-to-be mother-in-law, Momma Mary (that's a lot of hyphens). It was so cute and sweet and I just felt so happy to give that day to Momma Mary. She is incredibly well-loved.

I also posted about my funny sister, Maddie. She's hilarious and sweet.

Most Emotional: Washington & Oregon

After the school shootings last month in Washington and Oregon, I was heading to both places. It was a little much for me so I wrote a post about that jumble of feelings.

 I instantly get all anxious whenever I go home– there is just too much pain/sadness/anger/confusion there for me. As Ashley said when we were in Washington for my brother’s funeral, “There is no healing left here for you to do.” And yet, to have two school shootings in my two states within a week of each other, leaves me feeling all the more anxious/sad about going “home” for my bridal shower this weekend.

Most Crafty: Painted Cornhole Boards

Painted Cornhole Boards

The wedding crafts are almost done and we are a LITTLE over a month until the wedding. Thus, house projects are slowing down in the name of sanity.  But never fear, the crazy making will soon re-appear (I just rhymed).

Most Listy: The Entire Month of June

rp_presentation1-e1401379984153.jpg Slide1

I don't know what got into me this month, but it turned out to be all about the lists baby.


Yeah, I said there would only be 5, but I lied. You caught me. My FAVORITE post from this month had to be this one. It was the first time I was tasked with documenting a special occasion and I am pretty proud of how they turned out. There are already things that I would change... make it brighter in their house or have it not be pouring down rain, but I love them because I love her and Adam so much.

Thanks for coming along again peeps. So, I gotta ask: When you reflect on your June, what do you see?