Best of House of Bennetts: August Edition

Surprise! I got married this August! What? You had no idea? The 9837492834 posts about the wedding weren't a dead give away? :) Thanks for putting up with all of my wedding mushiness. Let's get on with the most viewed posts for the month of August. In fifth place was the post where I shared the wedding pictures from our DJ! What a surprise these photos were and they totally tied us over until we got the real deal from Preston. (PS: since we are submitting the wedding to a few places, I can't blog about my favorite pictures of all time yet. I am leaking a few here and there on Instagram so head there if you really can't wait to see them).


In fourth place was my "I am getting married right now" post where I shared my vows.


Third place goes to the August Budgeting and Debt depression post. AKA the it's important to share failures as well as victories when it comes to money.

august debt

Second place was my reflection on our wedding and all of the graphic design loveliness that we hired out for the wedding.


And in first place is the most visually gorgeous post we've had on this here blog... Angie and Preston's house crash! Their house tour is beautiful and they still laugh about my "then they pulled an onion out of the ground" comment.


August 2014 has been my favorite month of life so far. Just last night, I got all teary thinking about how after the wedding Lawren made me a sandwich at the condo to eat in bed. Thinking, I have never been so happy. What a perfect day it was for us. A perfect day.

Best of House of Bennetts: July Edition

WOOT WOOT! We are back with the best of because my whole statistics thing has successfully migrated over from the old blog! WOOT! Let's nerd out y'all. Photo Cred: Etsy:

In the month of July we had 5,553 unique views on this little blog of ours. We also have a new most viewed post ever: Painting a Metal Front Door... lots of lovely folks out there have had a lot of metal painting questions lately, so keep em coming! The painting a metal front door post has now overtaken the previous champ: Rustoleum Countertops. You had a good run countertop post. You really did.

Aside from getting your paint on, you all were super interested in what jams I have been road tripping to (number 5) and the perfume I am digging (number 4).

Slide1 Perfume

The third most viewed post was the DIY Onesies tutorial and I hope that you'll share the crazily cute baby goodness getting made as a result! Remember: baby onesies, adorable, kryptonite.


The runner up spot goes to the Throwback Thursday of all Throwback Thursdays: the Chore Chart for Adults. Get your clean on!


You super fans also reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally wanted to win some of Anna Moor's awesomeness, because taking the top prize for most views in July was her giveaway!


What goodness did you see around blog land this month? Care to share in the comments?

Stay tuned tomorrow and Friday for a special Throwback Thursday and the final excellent post from the "florkens" on Friday!