Best of House of Bennetts: May Edition

Before we dive into y'alls most viewed posts from the month of May, let's talk numbers. May was House of Bennetts best month for views and visitors ever. So to all 1,338 people who visited my blog and viewed it 3,129 times... THANK YOU!

I acknowledge that my posts in May were as varied as the May weather in Denver: cooky bird. It's just such an transition month. In the EXACT SAME MONTH that is snowed about 6 inches it was also 85 degrees multiple days. I just can't keep up. This cooky bird weather inspired my posts about gardening set backs & progress.


Enough about my perspective on the month... let's get to it!

In 5th place we have our trip to my favorite virtual store: my registry. Fun fact: the folks over at tweeted out my blog post.

Registry 2- Home smatterings

Fourth place goes to the post that I am most proud of on this blog, and proud of you cute little readers you, for diving into budgeting! Spreadsheets! WOOT!

Family Finances

Taking bronze for the month of May is my most rambly, rambling post on choosing paint colors.

hallway 1

The silver goes to the DIY Projects & Collections page by a MILE! I am so glad that I got that put together for my interweb people. DIY Chalk Lettering: A How To And the post that would like to thank the academy of blog readers for the honor of being in first place was the long coming, highly anticipated, WHOLE HOUSE TOUR!!!Whole House Tour I can't let this May recap conclude without mentioning that in the month of May we also went from treana's transitions to House of Bennetts and announced our first affiliate relationship with Blurb books. Till next month!