Blurb Books: A Discount!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. You guys might remember that I posted about our photo guest book from Blurb. Well, Blurb has now signed House of Bennetts up as affiliates and we couldn't be more pumped. What does this mean for you? Discounts OBVIOUSLY.

My opinion of Blurb books comes from my own experience, and definitely hasn't changed now that we are affiliates with them! As a reminder, way before we were affiliates, I searched around A TON to find a high quality, hard cover book for our engagement photos that would also allow me to leave space for the guests to write messages.  I ended up landing at Blurb. Their books do not dissapoint. I am in love with how easy the software is to use and also how GORGEOUS the full page spreads turned out.

Check out my full book here.

And once again enjoy some of my favorite pages...





Remember, Blurb is offering 15% off on all printed products for returning customers and 25% off for first purchases made by new customers through May 31st!  Simply use the code MYFIRST at checkout for new customers and 15%SAVINGS for returning customers. These deals expire next week, so if you're going to grab one, you better hurry! Hustle your bustles people!

Make that baby book. Finally put together your yearbook. Just grab all of your favorite photos and quotes of your favorite people and get them printed. Go team go!

PS: their software to design the book is FREE and there is no charge until your order is placed! BABBBBBBBAM!