How to Use Engagement Photos for a Guest Book

I knew from the instant that I got our engagement pictures back from Preston that I wanted to use them in as many places as possible in my life wedding. I searched around A TON to find a high quality, hard cover book for our photos that would also allow me to leave space for the guests to write messages- I mean staring at my face is awesome, but being able to write us a message is the whole point of a guest book.

I ended up landing at Blurb. (Link now contains affiliate: see post here). Their books do not dissapoint. I searched for and found a 10% off coupon so the total cost of my book was $60 delivered. I am in love with how easy the software is to use and also how GORGEOUS the full page spreads turned out.

I am obviously going to do the yearly yearbook massive Blurb book after we do our wedding book. Seems like it'll be a fun thing to have our last picture in the books be one of us on each anniversary. Tracking progress and hard earned wrinkles with pretty pics is my jam.

As an aside: I also messaged blurb to ask them what pen our peeps should use to leave their love notes and they responded with a resounding BALL POINT PENS! Well alrighty then. At least if I do a quote book for babies down the line, I'll know that ball point is the way to go!

Check out my full book here.

These are just some of my favorite pages... IMG_0278





This just got me all excited for August 9 and (let's be real) my legit wedding photos so that I can make another freaking awesome book!