10,000 Views & A New Blog Name

you. amazing. people. you.In 24... er, 23 more views, this little 'ol blog will have reached 10,000 views. That is CRAZY to me and I just want to say thank you to everyone who has pinterest/facebook-stalked this bad boy, shared with friends or family, and just generally supported this blog/me. What started out as a way for me to chronicle life's big and small transitions has really turned into a home-making, wedding-crafting, budget-sharing, clothes and product-loving, but still life-focused little piece of the internet. I still plan on sharing whatever feels right to share with you all, but recognize that you might tune some posts out more than others. That's ok, but I hope you will consistently check back with us going forward.

Thus, to commemorate this lovely little milestone and all of the cool opportunities that are headed this little blog's way, treanastransitions is now...

House of Bennetts

While right now there are only three official Bennetts in my house (LB, Walter and Skip) I am about 95 days away from being totally official. So yeah, I jumped the gun.

I also am going to be putting serious time into organizing projects and posts so that you can find them more easily. The tabs along the header currently have:

  • A Whole House Tour
  • Wedding Tab: every project we have done for the wedding is linked there and I will continue to link them as I complete them and post about them
  • Finances and Debt: most posts I have done about our FPU and debt journey can be found there
  • 'Bout the Bennetts: just a little bit about us-- we're going to be updating this as well.
  • DIY Projects: this tab is under construction and is currently invisible :) I am going through and grabbing all of the photos of DIY projects I have posted about and compiling them in a user friendly grid -- pictures just make life easier

Also coming soon-- probably another month or so-- Katie and I are starting an Etsy shop. I'll be doing a whole launch post on that bad boy, but our little store will be getting her own tab. She's a big D... she deserves it.

We can't wait to see where this little blog of ours goes, but don't worry... nothing is changing the way that I share with you all. It's still just me, blogging from my own little corner of my own little world (come on! Les Mis!??? Anybody?). Happy Monday y'all.