Bathroom Reveal! Upstairs...


Well, we did it. We gutted and finished the upstairs bathroom and I am in love with the results! Before we started this bathroom was blue and dated with yellow-ish walls and blue flower patterned tile. It screamed, "Make me pretty!" for two years and now we finally have.

We started by planning out the space and gathering materials... it really took me looking at tons of pinterest images to bring this whole look together. It's simple, but I feel like it will stand the test of time.  We debated marble floors...


Ended up going with hexagon.

Debated vanities, and ended up ordering this one:

Got all the grout and white subway tile at home depot and ordered the hexagon floor from there as well.


Ordered the bathroom accessories from Amazon:


And then watched the tile go up...


And the beautiful floor go down.


Once most of the design elements were in, it was paint picking time...


We went with Silver Strand by Sherwin Williams, but got the Benjamin Moore Aura Bath and Spa line for our paint.

And then we picked up this gorgeous medicine cabinet from pottery barn. It was a definite splurge piece.


Clearly, the showstopper here is the floor to ceiling tile and the marble backsplash niche!

I am still working on pulling art together for this space, but I am obsessed with that niche!


The vanity and the floor come in very close second.


So that's how we went from this to this:


What do you think? Are you just shocked that I blogged?!?

Goals for 2016

I promise that I will do a check in on last years goals sometime soon (along with a birth story, a birth announcement, and a general list of things I think a post-partum momma really needs), but I wanted to get these goals out into the universe ON January 1. House

There is really only one house goal that I keep coming back to: a total gut job of the upstairs bathroom. PERIOD. It needs to happen.

bathroom 2

Life: List style

  • Learn how to become Lyla's momma. Not the momma that anyone else thinks I should be, but the momma that Lyla actually needs
  • Go to yoga one day a week and to the gym two days a week at lunch when back at work. This is not a vanity goal... it is a sanity goal. Period. Also, when I go to the gym at lunch I don't spend money eating out. Win win.
  • Allow LB to be Lyla's dad. Trust him to do this well by giving him space to make mistakes without judgment.
  • Read one book a month. They can even be about parenting, but continuing to broaden my worldview by reading makes me a happier person. Plus, I want Lyla to know her momma is a reader.
  • Sleep. Sleep as much as I can, but also not be crazy about it. Coffee exists for a reason.
  • Use my for real camera once a week.
  • Continue to love on and invest in my friends. This also means being bold about investing in new friends too.
  • Leave the house without baby for something just for myself once every two weeks. (Once a week will be hard to do once back at work).
  • Ask for help. Always.
  • Take a for real vacation with Lyla and LB.
  • Bask in the glory that is my little family instead of being so afraid that something will happen to it. I am so lucky RIGHT NOW and I just need to dwell in the right now.
  • Love. Gratitude. Simplicity. These three. Always, but especially this coming year.
  • Continue to evolve organizational systems for our new family of three (babies come with so much stuff).
  • Blog more consistently again as a means to connect to the broader world.. which now includes the broader world of parenting.

And just because I'd be so pissed if someone who's blog I read had a baby, did her first post and didn't give me a picture... here ya go: