Goals for 2016

I promise that I will do a check in on last years goals sometime soon (along with a birth story, a birth announcement, and a general list of things I think a post-partum momma really needs), but I wanted to get these goals out into the universe ON January 1. House

There is really only one house goal that I keep coming back to: a total gut job of the upstairs bathroom. PERIOD. It needs to happen.

bathroom 2

Life: List style

  • Learn how to become Lyla's momma. Not the momma that anyone else thinks I should be, but the momma that Lyla actually needs
  • Go to yoga one day a week and to the gym two days a week at lunch when back at work. This is not a vanity goal... it is a sanity goal. Period. Also, when I go to the gym at lunch I don't spend money eating out. Win win.
  • Allow LB to be Lyla's dad. Trust him to do this well by giving him space to make mistakes without judgment.
  • Read one book a month. They can even be about parenting, but continuing to broaden my worldview by reading makes me a happier person. Plus, I want Lyla to know her momma is a reader.
  • Sleep. Sleep as much as I can, but also not be crazy about it. Coffee exists for a reason.
  • Use my for real camera once a week.
  • Continue to love on and invest in my friends. This also means being bold about investing in new friends too.
  • Leave the house without baby for something just for myself once every two weeks. (Once a week will be hard to do once back at work).
  • Ask for help. Always.
  • Take a for real vacation with Lyla and LB.
  • Bask in the glory that is my little family instead of being so afraid that something will happen to it. I am so lucky RIGHT NOW and I just need to dwell in the right now.
  • Love. Gratitude. Simplicity. These three. Always, but especially this coming year.
  • Continue to evolve organizational systems for our new family of three (babies come with so much stuff).
  • Blog more consistently again as a means to connect to the broader world.. which now includes the broader world of parenting.

And just because I'd be so pissed if someone who's blog I read had a baby, did her first post and didn't give me a picture... here ya go:


New Year's Day 2015: Goal Setting Fun

We interrupt your hangover cure processes to bring you this important message: I really couldn't give two feathers about New Years Eve. It's always overhyped, over-anticipated and a total disappointment. But New Years Day I LOVE. It's a free day off in the middle of the week where you get to do what I am doing right now: set goals and intentions for the coming year.  I've broken my goals down into two categories: house projects and daily living. Let's dive in shall we?

House Projects in 2015:

We've already done so much to the house that it seems crazy to have enough projects going forward to make a proper list, but... have you met me? Read this blog? You know my love for a list and a project runs deep. JUDGMENT FREE ZONE PEOPLE!

Laundry Room

In 2015 I want to finish the laundry room.  Luckily for us, the stenciling is almost done and the new units get delivered this weekend. I still need LB to build the bench top and the floating shelves, and I need to track down some gold hooks (that aren't $24 each).  A trip to Goodwill is in order as is a date with my Rub 'n Buff me thinks. IMG_2823

I want to take out the wall between the kitchen and living room and get a bench top/island in there. Since this is a $2,000+ project, it might not happen this year. #gettingoutofdebt



We are so close to totally finishing the master bedroom. We need a headboard and some art for the walls and then this puppy is D-U-N-E done. (Last night, Finley was spelling SANTA, S-A-N-T-O. Out of a solidarity, I am making some discreet vowel changes today).


Get a new couch in the upstairs living room. I want a sectional. I need a sectional. Our house is the gathering place for my peeps and I want to make sure that we all have enough room to sit comfortably. Which we don't, currently.


Build/stain/do SOMETHING with the orange dining room table. The dining room is another area were we are SO DARN CLOSE to being done.

And finally, paint the trim black around the outside of the house. I have the paint and need it to not be -3 so that I can do it. Truth be told, in totally lame and not at all DIY of myself, we might hire this out. Something about me or/and LB on a ladder painting makes me think, "No. Just NO."

Daily Living Changes

The biggest thing that I am incorporating this year is a recommitment to think, act, and speak with more LOVE. It's that simple really.


For my Christmas present, Esther sent me a Kindle version of A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles."  I started reading it on December 30, and as of today, I have 45 underlined or highlighted passages.  I encourage you to read this with us as I have a feeling I am going to make a printable of all of these gorgeous love quotes.  So dive in. Speak. Act. Think. Love with a heart that recognizes that it is all, through and through, made from, desires to be the thing that we all know and crave: LOVE.


In alignment with my LOVE recommitment, I am going to try ever harder this year, to speak LB's love language. Mainly: Acts of Service. He is not joking when he says that he would rather I clean up after myself than tell him that I love him.  Sometimes this is exhausting because I feel like I am already doing so much in other areas of our lives together that him telling me I am not doing enough seems... well... insulting. But Loving Well does mean dying to self so we will definitely be working on this area (6.5 years and counting. Isn't marriage funny that way? Every marriage has a sticking point. A place that ALWAYS needs extra love, grace, and patience. I choose VERY DIFFICULTILY to say that this is what makes love and life interesting).


I also am going to continue to love on my people. My friends are just such incredible people and I always feel that I can do better for them. It's as simple as not allowing us to skip girl's night every week and making special plans to hang out with them every once in a while. I have to be careful here though because I *COUGH*COUGH* have a tendency to overbook myself. Balance folks. Balance.


I never in 8 million years thought that I would have an exercise goal as part of my New Years plan. But never say never. I MUST get to the gym three days a week this coming year. It is time to recommit after my shoulder surgery in September. I don't care if I just go and ride the bike. I just must go. Let me be clear: this is not about weight and it never is for me. It is about health. Get all huffy puffy while walking to work is just ridiculous now.

So share. What are you focusing on in this upcoming year?