Yoga me right

I am so grateful for yoga. I am also grateful that I have found the best exercise on the planet that serves as therapy, an amazing sweat it out workout, and tones me up like nobody's business. I do hot yoga and different variations of it. I am decently flexible for a gangly, 5'11" girl who is recovering ballerina. There are a lot of yoga inversions and things that I cannot do just yet, but I remember that yoga is a practice, not a perfection. I look forward to becoming more and more investing in broadening my practice as I go through this transition out of a crazy schedule and into consistency. Also, as an aside: compliment someone today. Hell, compliment someone everyday. As I was leaving yoga tonight, the instructor said, you were up in the front on the right correct? And I said, Yes. To which she replied, You have a beautiful practice. It made my heart smile.