There are about 9 million reasons why I am thankful for LB. Since none of us have that kind of time, I will just list the most prevalent:

  • He is super clean---our house always feels comfortable because he cleans literally every day
  • When I start crying over sad things, he will do things like come hug me and say, "Just for the record: I love you."
  • He is so funny.
  • He is passionate--sometimes it is misplaced and can be taken for anger, but man does that guy care.
  • He works so hard to support our family.
  • He is always working on himself physically and emotionally.
  • He loves the UFC and the NBA and he wants to share those things with me.
  • When he finds something that is interesting or funny or powerful, he can't wait to share it with me.
  • He is terrible with money management, and knows it. He gladly hands over the family financial planning to me.
  • He made our first wedding purchase after I sent him a list of potential wedding project supplies to be on the lookout for. (It was 10 tea light candle holders).
  • He tells me that he understands and appreciates how hard I am working and that even though I am "just in school" right now, he knows that I work really hard.
  • He doesn't judge my grief--like the fact that I was up until 3:30am last night watching Dawson's Creek because I could not sleep.
  • He rolls over and snuggles me every single morning before he gets out bed.
  • We have great sex (sorry y'all, but that is important!).
  • He is going to be (and really already is) an excellent husband and father. His level of patience and our joint ability to call out each other's mood swings is incredible. We don't let things fester and will have the throw down when the throw down needs to happen.
  • He is my number one fan and I am his.
  • He has the best giggle.
  • He looks incredible in a hat and his Mumford shirt.
  • The way his face lights up when we listen to Mumford.
  • He is my LB.