Yoga Sculpt

So it's no secret I love yoga. Like I love it. It has saved me from countless heaps of stress and anxiousness. However, after having tried yoga sculpt twice, it's official: I hate it. Like HATE it. Sure I get a good workout and its fun but when I grab my mat and head to class, I love the spirituality of the whole business. I live the relaxation where my only job is to breathe-- not pick up weights and sweat my face off and shake my arse. That stuff ill do at a bar or legit hip hop class. Not in my sacred yoga space.Plus, I legit cannot workout in the mornings unless I wake up at like 7 and eat all day until 12... Yes, I am grateful for my metabolism but sometimes keeping myself fueled is exhausting and downright annoying.

So the lessons continue: listen to your body, you don't have to work out early cause everyone says you should, and don't do yoga sculpt if yoga is sacred to you.