Colorado Hiking: Bierstadt Lake

I am taking a break from the dump of wedding pictures to share some Colorado summer loveliness with y'all.  Andy came to Colorado for a good long while before the wedding and it was awesome. The three of us took full advantage of him being here to explore both the food and the mountains. We are and went hiking a LOT. One weekend I did back to back days of hiking and it was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. On one of my Fridays off, Andy and I had "Andy Treana Day"TM and left LB in Denver working. On this particular A&T Day, we headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park and had a blast on this gorgeous hike. Through the pictures below you can hike right along with us without leaving your office/room/bathroom/what have you. If you read this blog while you are in the bathroom, I suppose that I should be honored?

We went from listening to Radiohead in the car to this view in no time... I love Colorado. IMG_1695 IMG_1714IMG_1701 IMG_1704 IMG_1706 IMG_1708

Really gotta focus to get that shot juuuuuuuuuuuuuuust right. I love Andy.

IMG_1710 IMG_1711 IMG_1712 IMG_1713

The lake. The hike to here was about 1.5 miles... but there were a ton of switchbacks. At 9,000+ feet the elevation can be a tad shocking at first. But this payoff.... amazing.

IMG_1715 IMG_1716 IMG_1717 IMG_1718 IMG_1719 IMG_1721


This is probably one of my favorite pictures of Andy ever. He just looks so happy. I love that guy... did I already say that?


I was home sick from work yesterday and realized how empty our house felt without him. It bummed me out, but also made me incredibly grateful that we got that time with him. Having him here really allowed me to relax and take time away from wedding planning and stress. Our wedding wouldn't have been as gorgeous and wonderful as it was without him... and not just because having his handsome face there really upped our game. Love you BUDDY!