Bachelorette Party & Rehearsal Dinner

Here's how my week last week went down:

  • Wednesday: Bachelorette Party
  • Thursday: up to Breck for rehearsal dinner
  • Friday: rehearsal and set up at Dry Gulch
  • Saturday: GET MARRIED!!!

So let's get started with the recap!

Bachelorette Party Wednesday

My bachelorette party last Wednesday was so fun y'all. Ashley planned it all out and it was perfect. Just the right amount of silly mixed with a fun night with all of my girls in Denver. We went to Amato's in Denver and sat on their roof deck. The view, the weather, the everything was perfect.  And the cute waiters didn't hurt either. I don't have a ton of shots from the night because secrets. But here are a few of my mom, sister, E, and I getting ready to hit the town! IMG_1777

Apparently, my mom and I both stand with our hands on our hips when waiting for my sister. She's FINALLY ready.

IMG_1779 IMG_1780

Skipper is ready to party too obviously.


Rehearsal Dinner Thursday

On Thursday we all loaded up to Breckenridge and had our rehearsal dinner at Breckenridge Brewery. We got everyone's welcome bags and gifts handed out and I got to catch up with Anna and Chris (our officiant). Two of their kiddos were also in the wedding and it was awesome to have them here. We miss them a lot since they now live in Utah.

photo 1 photo 2

At the dinner, LB got surprised yet again by two of his favorite people from growing up. One of them lives on the other side of the world and flew all the way to Colorado to celebrate with LB. I was so happy to do this for him.

Some of us gals got together and took some silly shots after the dinner in our hotel room. Things devolved rapidly after these first two "normal" pictures...

IMG_1787 IMG_1788 IMG_1789 IMG_1790

Strike a pose Katie! Whip your hair E!

IMG_1796 IMG_1794 IMG_1792

Sexy is back.


Friday Rehearse and Set Up

The next morning a few of us walked up to Starbucks to prepare for the long day of rehearsal and set up at the site. I couldn't ask for better walking companions for this gorgeous morning stroll.

IMG_1808 IMG_1805 IMG_1803 IMG_1801

I love that this wedding was a whole weekend with my favorite people. People were running into each other all over town and it really made it feel like a special occasion. One of my highlights was running into Andy that Friday morning at Starbucks. I had trouble not bursting into tears every time I saw him since I knew that once we got back to Denver he wasn't going to be living with us anymore. We forged on though and everyone said they had a blast... I know I did.

Breckenridge stole my heart during my wedding weekend. I have always liked it but now, with the sweet memories we have from there, I love it.

Stay tuned for some wedding pictures from my DJ... as we wait for the goldmine from Preston. Our DJ Perry Washington took almost 500 pictures of our day. WOAHSA!