A Check in on Our New Year 2015 House Goals

On January 1, 2015, I made a list of the house and life goals that I would like to accomplish this year. Since I think that it is fun to make lists and check in on progress, I felt that the beginning of April/end of March was an appropriate time to do so. NOTE that I did not post this on April 1 because I have no sense of humor and do not think that progress reports are laughing matters. Laundry Room: A-

Laundry RoomIMG_4292

We did "finish" the laundry room. There are just a few things like the butcher block countertop and maybe something with the floor that are left.

Wall Removal: A+ IMG_2823IMG_5388


Crown Molding: D+

We are currently talking with handymen to get some idea of how much this would cost because LB hates math and I am terrified to use a saw. We should totally do this ourselves, but oh, I don't know. We just bought the crown for the main areas (living, dining and hallway). We should really do this ourselves. We remain here:  CROWN MOLDING IN THE FIRST FLOOR OF THE HOUSE. NO PICTURE BECAUSE I AM SERIOUSLY SERIOUS ABOUT GETTING THIS DONE. SHOUTY CAPITALS AND ALL.

Finishing the Master Bedroom: B


We are so close to totally finishing the master bedroom. We got a headboard and got our TV hung on the opposite wall. After not having one in the bedroom for like 6 years, I am really digging it. We still need to do something artswise in that blank space (baby) but I can't decide what that is. We also want to move that window above our bed so that it is centered. A solid B though. Solid.

Get a new couch: A+++


Our badboy from Macy's finally showed up!!!! And, it spawned a whole living room re-work that we can now say is done-ish. :) Fully updated living room coming soon.

Do Something with the Table: B+ 



We stained it. I still need to do another less red coat to see if I can tone down the red and rub 'n buff the metal sides. But we did get new dining chairs!

Paint the Trim Outside: D- A+!

We are not getting an F in this area only because I have had two bids on painting the trim thus far. The first was basically $600. That seems... expensive?!? I don't know. I just hate that painting is something we could do, but this guy was talking about pressure washing and priming and then painting the trim black. Meh. Who knows anymore.

***ME! I know! We found Mario who did it for $300 last weekend!


Woah. That is where our first list ended. We are killing it this year so far! I think that we might have this whole list knocked off by June. GO US in 2015!

And since we ARE doing so well, why not add three others to the list?!?

Implement this Modified Front Yard Plan Including Front Fence. 


Even if we leave this as a flower bed and don't plant anything (COUGH likely COUGH), it'll at least be spaced out and create a more finished look upfront.

Gut the Upstairs Bathroom 

bath 5

I mean.... Yikes.

Add Granite to the Kitchen and Redo the Backsplash (maybe even get that french door fridge I've been dreaming about)


Our Rustoleum countertops have been a life/eye saver. They are still looking awesome, but in order to get the best resell value for this house in a year or two, we know we will need granite. Also, the lack of a cohesive pattern with the backsplash has finally driven me totally crazy and we will replace this too. Let the granite color/backsplash planning BEGIN!