Target Dining Room Chairs


Last Friday it hit me that we have 10 adults and 2 kiddos coming for Thanksgiving and we only had 4 proper dining chairs. OOPS. I sent Sam and Lb this picture and said: "Worth it? $200 for 2 chairs...?" chairs

As soon as I sent it, I thought, nope, gonna DIY these and find some at the thrift store to fancify. Sam and I agreed to meet up at said thrift store to work on finding chairs and curating things for the Thanksgiving tablescape. The first thrift store was a strike out so we headed to Target to see if we could find some cute runners and/or place mats. I walked around to the back of the store and ... do my eyes deceive me?!? Are those the online only dining chairs I was lusting after all day? And does that sign say 70% OFF!? What is happening!?!?!?!?!??!?!? I stood next to them with the best mean girl face I could muster and waited to get some help getting them onto a pallet. There were two boxes of them and one straggler. Each box had two chairs in them and instead of $200/box it was ... wait for it... $38 per box.

Sweet. Sweet bargain hunting.


We got them home and got to work assembling these bad boys. Look: teamwork!!!IMG_3713 IMG_3714 IMG_3707

And voila! All ready to go for Thanksgiving. How do you solve seating dilemmas when you're hosting an inordinate number of bottoms?  IMG_3697