Swap Shop


*If you understand this title you are awesome and should totally mention where it's from in the comments. LB and Jay, you may not spoil it.  Cliche alert: one of the things I love about blogging is seeing the evolution of a space. Our dining room has been undergoing the most changes as of late so it has earned its own post.  This post is hereby dedicated to the fine art of switching things up. Swapping it up. Changing things around. A little this, a little that. Swap-a-rooski.

Just when you thought that poop brown wouldn't appear on this blog again... you were wrong. Here is the dining room in January 2014. Ahhhhh. The calming brown tones.

From where the couch is now in the living room back towards the dining room. The door on the left leads to the kitchen.

We painted, got a table and chairs off of craigslist, a clock from Ikea, our chalkboard sign from our wedding and away we went. IMG_0192

Then my mom bought us our chandelier and really jazzed things up.

IMG_2823 IMG_2821

My issue was that the clock was hidden behind the new chandelier and it just didn't look right. Dropping the clock lower wasn't working either. I took this opportunity to put the set of frames that my favorite work friend got for us for our wedding to work. Voila. Three black and white pictures from our wedding from Preston now adorn our dining room. IMG_3370 IMG_3371 IMG_3372 IMG_3373

What did you do with the clock!? Great question. Hot dang my readers are smart. The clock got moved as part of a more global switcheroo. It and Skip now sit in the odd space between the dining room and living room.


Since I was already framing wedding pictures (phase one of the wallpaper the house with Preston's photography plan), I rearranged a few things in the hallway too. Previously there were 4 frames up there...


Upstairs Hallway Nest

So I added one more frame and swapped out a few engagement pictures for wedding ones bringing the hallway total to 5 pictures: 3 wedding and 2 engagement. It's a huge change clearly. Truthfully, adding one more frame makes the hallway feel more balanced. I am not surprised by this balance feeling since my number one rule of decorating is ODD numbers. You can't do 2s and 4s usually because things seem to look wacky. Everywhere you look around our casa, you'll see odd number groupings. Interior design tip for the masses right there.

IMG_3375 You might also have noticed the adorableness creeping at you from the end of the hallway. Those are the Walter and Skip canvases that Jay got me for my bridal shower and in between is a shadow box from Target that I filled with all of the paper goods from our wedding.

So just a few subtle switches to incorporate our love of Preston Pictures in the house. Don't worry, there is some sort of giant canvas headed our way soon... stay tuned.