Dining Room Updates

We have a new chandelier, which means that we have a new dining room, which means that I am P-U-M-P PUMPED! When we first moved into this lovely space it was brown town and empty and drab. The back wall was painted an even DARKER brown than the rest of the space. And yes, that is some sort of wood paneling thing happening there. The chandelier was also vintage 1992. Snazzy.


We painted, got a table, a clock from Ikea, and the bar sign we used for our wedding. The room was looking a lot better. But that chandelier still remained.

IMG_0191 IMG_0192

I found this chandelier from Ballard Designs and registered for it. Lo and behold, about a month after our wedding a HUGE box showed up from my momma, and BABAM! It was our chandelier!

I have been slammed at work and trying to get my shoulder surgery scheduled that I haven't been able to get a good mid-day picture of the thing, but you get the idea that it is badass and epic and wonderful from these photos. Since I was going to update the House Tour page photos, I took some lighter shots. So now you get nighttime and daytime. You're welcome.


IMG_2772 IMG_2773IMG_2817

IMG_2818 IMG_2821

Now a word about installation: it was a giant bizzo. It was the hardest thing manual labor wise we have done on this house. And considering we redid the whole kitchen ourselves, that is saying a lot. That thing is never moving from that spot, but holy crap it was terrible. I have a life policy of not hiring out simple life fixture swaps because Lawren is super skilled at all things electricity. But in hindsight, I would have hired someone to do the manual labor part. Said shoulder was NOT happy after this adventure. (Eyeballs: Thrilled. Shoulder: pissed).

Anywho, we love it and just think it's the best wedding present ever... you know... besides being married to each other and stuff.