Grape Street: Dining Room Refresh!

The dining room has long puzzled me. Mostly because we didn't have a table, but also because of the planks on the back wall that were painted (you guessed it) poop brown. From where the couch is now in the living room back towards the dining room. The door on the left leads to the kitchen.

We painted the dining room the same color as the rest of the living room (Cement Gray by BMoore), scored the table and chairs for $125 off of Craigslist, got the clock from Ikea, and just hung up the chalkboard sign Katie made for our wedding. IMG_0192


It definitely serves it's purpose for now, even though I had grand plans of refinishing the dining table to match the coffee table. I now shudder the thought of stripping, sanding and staining something so big. Also, it doesn't really jive with the mid-century modern vibe we've currently got working and might pull too rustic? One idea I am still kicking around is refinishing the top of the table with a stain and then chalk painting the rest white. If only I had/could learn photoshop, I'd whip myself up a little preview of what it might look like. *Update: Katie just sent me this and I AM LOVING it for that space. Oh Katie, why must you be so awesome?

We registered for 2 of the beige chairs and 4 of the aqua chairs:

Chairs from Wayfair


Chairs from Target

In case you were wondering... I LOATHE the chandelier in there. We also registered for this one and I am crossing all of my fingers and toes hoping that we get it. Chandelier

I also would LOVE to take down the planks so that I could stencil that back wall where the clock is... but we don't know if there is drywall behind them and paying someone to drywall a wall (say that 5 times fast) that we MIGHT eventually want to knock out to add some french doors sounds silly. New 11th Hour idea! What if we did a reclaimed wood wall on that back wall like this or this?!?

Regardless of future changes, I am happy to have a functional dining space!

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