Basement Rug

Holy hell. It's December. Woah. Anywho.... A lot of times in this house the basement gets no love. Basically, all I have done down here thus far is the gallery wall:


I have hated this pattern on pattern set up in the living room for ages and registered for the rug and coffee table I want down here. We didn't get either as a wedding gift so I frequently re-check our registry to see if any of the things that we love are on sale/clearanced/discounted.


I got lucky two weeks ago because the rug from Target that I wanted was discounted + 20% off and free shipping. Total cost to our house? $125. Bam. So when I had girls night at my house last week, Avery, Sam, Ashley and LB got rid of the block pattern on pattern and got this rug down. Avery was REALLY into helping as all 2-3 year olds are. IMG_3385 IMG_3388

I just LOVE the soft color of the rug. IMG_3389

More helping. IMG_3391 IMG_3396

Love this face that Lb is making at Avery.  She really is the funniest kiddo. IMG_3401

It brightens the whole space up down there and is way softer than the old one. I am off to Home Depot this week to see about spray painting the tiles on the coffee table... and to get some new coordinating throw pillow covers. (It's a slippery slope people: you change a rug and then all of sudden you are buying pillows, and probably a new coffee table...).