RustOleum Countertops: OOOOOOHHHH

Remember these red bad boys: IMG_5199



Well after about 3 hours of work... Rustoleum Counters 1 ... they now look like this:



Here's the nuts and bolts (and countertops) of it all: We purchased this counterop transformation kit in a box from Home Depot* for $100 and followed the directions by watching the how-to video. (The End.) It really was that simple! Make sure you get the kit as opposed to just the paint--- that would definitely NOT do the trick.

*Home Depot moved the location of the old link. My apologies.

My only cautions are: (1) IT IS MESSY and will get EVERYWHERE! We should have completely covered the kitchen as if we were spray painting in there (especially the floor). I imagine us being 90 years old and still finding the black flakes everywhere. (2) It is a temporary solution to UGLY countertops without the expense and committment to granite. There are some spots that we could not cover perfectly because of the layout of our kitchen, but the visual improvement is a great FOR NOW update. (3) Watch the video and make sure you have all the recommended supplies.

UPDATE: after having it for about 5 months, it is still looking lovely. We are so happy we did this! See the full kitchen before and after!

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