It's Here!

No fooling. No joke. This is not a drill! Our couch is finally here!!!!! Thank the sweet baby Jesus that we did not get the 5 seater... it would have dwarfed our living room. IMG_5798

Wait. You thought I was going to show you the WHOLE living room!? Nope. Cause it is still disaster. Long story short, we have someone staying in our basement for a while and had to clear a TON of stuff out of our house. Some of it is still looking for a permanent home and so until we are all organized and nice looking, this is what ya get. IMG_5800

Imagine butter for your butt... and that is this couch. It is huge and definitely makes the living room feel smaller, but I don't care one bit. It's heaven for my TV watching, reading, lounging. It's just the best already. Time to start shopping for pillow upgrades... :)