First Round of Furniture Buys

This is overwhelming... this whole furnishing a house when all of your furniture was purchased by other people. But, HOLY SNAP (crackle and pop), is it fun too! :) 

*All pictures are linked to their sources. If my sleep deprived brain missed something, let me know! 

So let's start with the, I am not sure where this is going to go for sure yet, but I love it pieces.

This bench could go office, entry, bar room, or bedroom... OR living room! I don't care where it goes, I love it so.  

This shelf is fun and modern and looks pretty sturdy. I think it might end up in my office if not the loft/playroom. 

Bar Room. 

We are going to do this Ikea hack for the bar/buffet in the bar room. 

Parts we need for the hack. 

On top of said bar we will put things... starting with this candle. LOL. The gold accents mixed with the industrial concrete vibe just inspired this whole Mad Men, mid-mod bar room thing I got going on. 

Couch for said bar room. 

 I got one of these side chairs from Target and we will just see if we get another one. I am thinking the answer will be yes.

Light for the bar room! I have wanted a space to do one of these sputnik lights FOREVER and am pumped to get to do one in this house. 

There is going to be a fight over where this lamp goes... and it is going to be a fight between me and me. It's gonna get real interesting. 


We ordered two of these gates for the top and the bottom of the stairs... we've never had to deal with stairs with Lyla before and so any tips y'all have on that, let me know!

Living Room

We ordered this custom couch from Interior Define and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to get it. It is the Maxwell in Basketweave Graphite. It's super deep looking and I hope I love it as much as I think/know I will. 

I am going to do a whole separate post on the rest of the living room set up debacle because I am just struggling with the set up and have 800 inspiration images and am not sure where to let them guide me. 

Dining Room

This light might look familiar... it's nearly identical to the one that was in our old house. :)

Lyla Stuff: Her Room and the Loft

We picked up two staples for a Loft/playroom space: a small table and chairs and an adorable tent. 

Most of these tents are well over $100 (looking at you land of nod) and I wanted it be as gender neutral as possible. All kids welcome!

We got these comfy floor cushions for inside her tent. 

And these room darkening curtains for her bedroom. Her room is getting a whole revamp and I am pumped. 

Guest Room

We got a Tuft & Needle mattress for the guest room about 2 months ago and now I want to get one for our bedroom too. I get to sleep on it every other night when LB takes Lyla, and I LOVE IT. It is the most comfortable thing of life, was $600 for a queen and unfolded brilliantly in our guest room. Best money we ever spent on a bed. Period. 

SO yeah. That's where we are at thus far. We still need... oh God. It's too much. It's just too much. 

Sometimes All it Takes is a Post

I often get asked: where do you find the time? Why do you blog? HOW do you get all of this done? I just do, I like it, and I just do. I am like a walking Nike commercial.

But really, the biggest reason I blog is to keep track of my endless stream of ideas and lists for the house/life. Last Thursday, I posted an update about our 2015 House Goals. As I stated all over the interwebs, I was freakishly excited for that post because I am AMAZED that we have gotten so much done. So much that we wouldn't have appreciated if we weren't stepping back and taking stock. What bothered me though, (of course, I am Type A, hear me roar) was the D+ in crown molding. But the husband made a few inquiries and found a guy who was so ridiculously cheap to install it for us that I can't even say the cost out loud for fear he will charge more money to people next time.

IMG_5803 IMG_5804

After day one, I was SO FLIPPING GLAD we made the decision to pull the trigger and buy three builder bulk packs of crown at Home Depot (the crown was just over $1 linear foot).  From a distance it looks totally finished and ridiculously majestically fantastic. Up close however... the story tweaks slightly.



So much caulking and spackling to do. Just so much. But alas. Our Cheap Dude said he'd do all the caulking and spackling for $50. Ummmm OK. Here's how she is looking now: no more cracks or nail holes!



Yes, we still need to paint it (look at the difference in white tones between the new baseboards from the wall removal and the crown). Yes, we need to paint our ceilings. Yes, Cheap Dude smelled like cigarettes and was two hours late, but again... PRICE. LB and I not murdering each other over angles and math and such= the best $XXX we ever spent. (The price is like Voldemoort. I just can't say it!).