House Tour

I have wanted to do a comprehensive house tour for a while so that I can check in on my to-do list for certain areas of the house and also to appreciate the progress. I've said 298345728475 times that I love lists and so let's just add this one to the pile shall we? I am going to post this as a regular blog post but also keep it as a static page along the header of this blog. That way, everyone can take a stroll through my house whenever their little hearts desire to do so! PSSSSSST! Last day to enter the Chloe & Milo giveaway!

*Check this post out to see the before tour!

Front Of House IMG_0358

IMG_0357 IMG_0093

  • Paint front door
  • Paint shutters
  • Paint trim
  • Power wash house & touch up paint
  • Caulk 2398457398475 spots around the windows and roof flashing and porch
  • Get front porch swing or bench
  • Get an appropriately sized entry mat like this
  • Update the light fixture to this
  • Update the windows that have condensation
  • Install house numbers
  • Plant flowers in flower bed
  • Rebrick the flower bed? Expand the flower bed? DO SOMETHING WITH SAID FLOWER BED!
  • Widen and jazz up the front sidewalk
  • New screen door in .... black? White?
  • Install something on roof to make woodpeckers stop their pecking
  • Re-side house

Living Room

IMG_0345 IMG_0348 IMG_0349

  • Get couch
  • Coffee and side tables
  • TV stand
  • Install TV in wall-- no wires!
  • Area rug
  • A buffet/dresser for wall directly across from the door
  • Matching table lamps
  • Paint living room
  • Crown Molding
  • Stencil wall directly across from door?
  • Add love seat and side chair: in the gray please
  • These adorable puff seats for when everyone is hanging out. In the gray/blue/aqua
  • Bench or small hutch (in the gray) right by door/aqua chair
  • Remove the bi-fold closet doors and turn space into more of a mudroom? Or just get better doors?
  • Add can lights on side of room by TV-- super dark over there
  • Eventually take down the wall that is directly across from door and put in an island to open up the kitchen
  • Maybe install new hardwoods throughout first floor?

Dining Room

From front door through living into dining room.




From living room looking down hall

  • Paint
  • Install Nest
  • Hang a few pictures
  • Crown molding
  • A proper runner
  • Board and Batten
  • Light fixture in the cieling in hallway?

Treana Office/First Bedroom






  • Paint walls and beadboard
  • Install dressing bar
  • Add ELFA upgrades to existing system for shoe pullout racks
  • Organize furniture placement
  • Hang curtains
  • Put rug down
  • Upgrade rug
  • Crown Molding
  • Figure out a better solution for wall with hooks... that two shelf thingy was a dumpster dive find from a few years ago.
  • Phase 2/Down the road: upgrade desk and other furniture in room including an adorable office chair and rugs

Master Bedroom/Second Bedroom

From door looking right

From door straight ahead

Straight across door looking back

From my side of bed looking toward door

  • Paint... well re-paint. We are currently using this picture for inspiration of where we want the master to go.
  • Get dresser
  • New sheets and comforter. Half-done because I am not a huge fan of the sheets LB got and I want the whole thing to be white
  • Make headboard
  • Get matching side tables and lamps
  • Crown Molding or even a trace ceiling????
  • Rug
  • Curtains? again a sort of "for now" thing because of said picture above... it is just too busy in there behind the bed with the curtains.

Gym/Third Bedroom/Eventual Nursery

From door straight ahead into room.

From door, looking right.

  • Paint
  • Dump gym stuff in there
  • Dump wedding stuff in there
  • Dump tools in there (been super good at dumping)
  • Crown molding
  • Down the road... convert to nursery and watch this to-do list expand like bunnies in spring.

Upstairs Bathroom: Have done nothing and have no idea where to start

IMG_0372 IMG_0371 IMG_0370

  • Caulk around entire bathroom
  • Tile the floor with hexagon tiles for now so that it is not just linoleum
  • Definitely get rid of the tile in the shower surround
  • Paint the walls
  • Fix the small leak: DONE! It cost $50 for the part from Amazon and $169 for the plumber.
  • WHO KNOWS!!!!


IMG_0366 IMG_0364 IMG_0363

  • Paint
  • Refinish the countertops with Rustoleum product: DONE!
  • Remove the tile (that part DONE) and install new backsplash.
  • Paint the kitchen cabinets
  • Swap out that awful kitchen box light: light ordered, awaiting it’s arrival
  • Paint the ceiling in the kitchen
  • Crown molding
  • Organize the cabinets with pull-outs
  • Install soft-closes on all the cabinets
  • Change tile to either other tile or hardwoods to match rest of first floor

Basement Stairs and Hallway




Linoleum floor leading from kitchen to outside and basement. Yuck.

  • Paint the hallway down the stairs
  • Replace the linoleum off the back door with tile or hardwood that we put in the kitchen eventually
  • Put in a new light where the florescent grossness is currently
  • Take carpet off of stairs and have it go the same dark as the hardwoods?
  • Get some sort of small desk for my craft area/sewing?

Guest Room- Basement (Nothing currently to do in this room/low priority)

IMG_0402 IMG_0403

  • Change light fixture
  • Update curtains
  • Update bedding
  • Side tables to match

LB Office- Basement

Dirty man cave...


  • Get rid of drop ceiling
  • Better storage systems for tools and stuff in his office
  • Perhaps make 5th conforming bedroom, especially if we combine the two rooms upstairs for master suite.

Bathroom Downstairs

IMG_0408 IMG_0409 IMG_0410 IMG_0411

  • Gut the bathroom down here: it is clearly built with drywall and not cement board… and actually tile or use a fully enclosed, pre-fab’d shower stall
  • Perhaps expand the size of the shower
  • Close off with sliding barn door(?) the little storage nook at the back of the bathroom

Basement Living Room and Kitchen

From guest room door out to living room.

IMG_0394 IMG_0393

Just noticed this crown molding issue 3 days ago and can't stop thinking about it.

IMG_0396 IMG_0397 IMG_0398 IMG_0399

  • Change curtains
  • Put up gallery wall
  • Get a new rug and coffee table
  • A larger table for dining area?
  • Fix caulking around the crown molding
  • Tile the kitchen floor
  • Add a backsplash
  • Do something awesome with the laundry room, or this, or this
  • Get rid of the ugly laundry bi-fold doors
  • New washer and dryer
  • New light in laundry
  • New pendant lights over the island in the kitchen
  • No more florescent light in kitchen


Sanding at the end of the side walk looking back towards the house.

Standing mid side walk and looking right. That flower bed amongst the rocks is now planted with wildflowers.

Sanding back by the ghetto shed looking right and towards the house. Pretty flowering tree on right of shot.

Standing on sidewalk looking right. This corner flower bed is where my tomatoes and peppers are going to, die.

Back is to house. Ghetto shed on left, and overgrown crazy town "privacy" bushes straight ahead.

Look at how flowery one of my trees is!


  • The main goal here is to plant stuff without killing it.
  • Dream garden plans can be found here
  • Wood Fence! Without a doubt a must do.
  • A Tuff Shed
  • Get rid of rock borders and make more raised beds.
  • Take out sidewalk and do something/anything else.