The Laundry Room is Done!

Well, for a while. When we last left off it was looking like this: IMG_4252

We still needed to change the light and add some minor storage adjustments. We did just that by making a trip to Home Depot, Container Store, and Amazon (if Amazon had a physical store that magically held all the things it holds online, I'd be in huge trouble).

LB took down the old light bulb and got to work. I find his ability to do electrical updates fascinating because I don't know a DARN thing about it.

IMG_4258 IMG_4259 IMG_4263

And voila. Light from Home Depot installed. This thing had a ton of padding in the light as you can see above, so getting it up there and turned into place was not easy. (Read: LB did it).IMG_4266

We also picked up this bad boy at the Container Store for about $12. If you get one, make sure to check the plastic before you leave the store. Our first one of these was a disaster: cracked and melted all over the place. Thumbs down for terrible customer service when I went to exchange it too. IMG_4267

I ordered these little fellas off of Amazon, and when they showed up they were kind of green/gold. Nothing a can of spray paint can't fix! IMG_4280 IMG_4282

Bam-- the problem was that the screws were still the weird not quite gold color, so my brilliant LB sprayed a bunch of spray paint into a Solo cup and painted right over the heads of the screws. IMG_4285 IMG_4287 IMG_4288 IMG_4289

So this is where we are stopping for right now. The two big things left are feeding the duct through the cabinet and getting the butcher block countertop in there. The improvement is beyond words already and I am glad to leave this nook for a while... until I have to do laundry, which never stops. Ever.