Coffee Filter Flowers

Momma Mary died all of these coffee filters and sent them on over to me to make flowers.IMG_0170 So Katie and I went and got:

  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Tape
  • Wire cutters
  • These floral sticks for the "stems"


We started by taking a stack of 6-8 coffee filters and cutting a piece of floral wire about 6 inches long. We then poked two holes through all of the filters using the floral wire-- the holes were about an inch or two apart. We poked it through one side and back down the other to create a little "loop" on what would be the top of the flower. The place where you started your poke with one end of the wire is now the bottom of the flower. We then used a pen to poke a hole through the bottom (where the ends of the wire you just looped up are dangling) through the filters to the middle of the "loop" on the top of the flower. IMG_0313

We then took the floral sticks shown above to stick through the bottom about an inch into the top. You then mess with the floral wire and the floral sticks to make the stick stay in the flower. Then, wrap the stick with the wire. At that point, you want to start scrunching the filters up one by one... IMG_0315




Use the floral tape to tape the bottom of the flower, the stick and the wire together. Typically, you can get the flower to stand up straighter with more floral tape (especially on the base of the flower/on the coffee filters) and shifting the wire around. In the end they should look like this: IMG_0321




We plan to use them by attaching them to the arch for a little pop of color. Should be fun!

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