Honeymoon Essentials Shopping Spree

Y'all. I am so glad that we have been saving for 6 months for this honeymoon cause I did some serious damage this week/weekend. Since some of this stuff is perfect for a beach vacay + daily life, I figured I'd share the love/knowledge/lusting/shopping finds. This peplum top in black AND white. At $10.90, you can't beat it. It's adorable and has nothing to do with the beach. I digress.

 Linen beach pants. I'd like to wear these to work and bed and the gym. This should totally be socially acceptable.

I also picked up these super fun beach/sleep/yoga pants. They are super long, make your butt look good, and SO SO SOFT. (they had a different print at Nordstrom). $38? Ok! I also got this adorable white "I AM TOTALLY A TOURIST" hat.


Now: a word or a hundred on zits.

I have been wanting to replace my old school Clinique concealer for years. I like it because it covers, but also treated zits. However, it never really blends that well with my Tarte powder that I love. So I picked up this bad boy to try out and so far I love it. It provides a base to set powder and it's just simply badass.

blemish primer


I then went all Tarte: the concealer, the buffer brush, and the mascara. I love ALL of them! I also use their Clay Powder on the daily and have for months. Love it because it gives me a matte finish when I use it with my matte bronzer. So my new concealer plan goes like this: Use the Cover FX primer on my blemishes. Then use a brush like this to get the Tarte concealer brushed onto my spots. Then tap over the whole face (only buffing in spots without blemishes that have been concealed) and voila! Face coverage and treatment using the three things pictured.

concealerconcealer brush


After all that zit talk, I also got myself some of my new favorite perfume: Beach Walk. YUM! And some beach spray for wavy beach hair while I am at said beach. :)

beach walksurf


Lastly, here is my final, updated books for the honeymoon list (adding Bossypants that I am borrowing). And yes, I am reading a Nicholas Sparks book. And yes, I am somewhat embarrassed, but I was directed to by my bestie and she will not be ignored. I CANNOT WAIT to get on that plane!!!


Everything is Not Always Pretty in Blogland

My dearest friend at work is pregnant. She's freshly out of her first trimester and walked into work today wearing the most adorable jersey knit dress (from Macy's), black leggings, and black flats. Her little bump is making her look skinnier. You read that right... skinnier. She looks adorable and, frankly, it's annoying. Now let me tell you about my outfit today: striped linen pants that I bought in Australia in 2005 (not a fake year; for real. It was 2005), a baggy crocheted sweater, a spring colored scarf because I grabbed it in the dark, boring brown flats and a blue sling. Now if that wasn't enough to get you excited about the disaster that is happening over here, this will for sure: I still can't raise my right arm over my head, so I can't really put my hair in a pony tail. I kind of crouch over and lean to get my hand sort of up there. I got it in a pony tail last night before bed and WALKED OUT THE DOOR WITHOUT TRYING TO TOUCH THE TOP OF MY HEAD AGAIN. This, ladies and gents, is the result:

hot mess

This isn't about comparing yourself to other women. It's not even about fashion at all. It's just this simple message that I have for you today: you win some, you lose some.