Products I Love: Hair Care Review!

I made a promise and I intend to keep it. About a month ago (or two...eeks) I wrote about my hair care routine and noted that I was going to try out the Amika Blowout Spray to see how it compared to my long-time go to Moroccan Oil (no relation to Mariah Carey's twin kiddo). The experiment was super easy, but it required me to wash my hair more, which I hate really hard work y'all, but here are the results.

The Showdown!

hair product

 Moroccan Oil:


  • This stuff just smells like heaven. And I mean heaven. When I put it on my head, LB always mentions how good my hair smells. And I am not stinky y'all (don't all people who hate to shower say this about themselves?).
  • It makes my hair shiny, soft, and not too weighed down.
  • It lasts FOREVER. It requires so little each time and I have pretty long hair that it seems like magic how long one bottle stays in my arsenal.
  • I can put a little in my hair and let it air dry (aka: I don't have to bust out the blow dryer) and it won't get oily.


  • If you use too much you go from shiny to oily in a hot second. You must use WAY less than you think you need and start at the ends of your hair-- not your scalp. You'll look like a greasy helmet head if you do #so1990s
  • It doesn't give you extra lift per se

Amika Blow Out Spray:


  • It is cheap. Like $13 cheap.
  • The blow out spray really does give you hair that blown out look-- volume without frizz and just clean.
  • No risk of oily (I do about three sprays in about 5 different sections of my hair and then comb through)


  • You cannot use this and NOT blow dry (hence, the name). I am lazy and so this was a drawback.
  • The smell seems neutral-- I don't love it, but it's not bad either.


BOTH! Isn't that so annoying. If I were in the habit of keeping masses of hair products in my cupboards, which I totally am am not, I would keep both. Amika for when I want to really style my hair and Moroccan for the everyotherday. So if forced to choose, I would go with Moroccan for its versatility, but I do think I would miss the Amika for that Texas pageant hair vibe when I really want to show off how light and fluffy my hair is.

What's your go-to hair styling product? Can you let your hair air dry like me in the summer? (It's my favorite).