Products I Love: Hair Care Edition

Graduation!So yeah... my hair is super long, and straight, and styles pretty easily. (Also, I don't think there is ever a wrong time to post a picture of yourself on your law school graduation wearing a Harry Potter hat). I am totally lucky. And I can tie it in a knot and bow and throw it over my shoulder like a continential soldier... my hair hangs low. (If you don't know that song, well, I'm sorry). Overall my hair is pretty darn healthy because of the following reasons and products.

  1. I have not used shampoo with sodium laureth sulfate in it since college (sigh, 10 years ago). I discovered that besides it being all sorts of chemically grossness that strips your hair, it makes your skin break out. Hence why I will never understand why so many facial cleansers have it in there as well. I haven't touched the stuff in years.
  2. I use WEN. But I do so following this very technical step-by-step guide: rinse your hair when you are in the shower for a solid minute or two. Then use about 4-7 pumps for long thick hair (none of this 12-25 pumps crap) and comb it through. Let it sit while you do your lady business and then rinse that stuff out for at least 2 minutes. Then once a week use a clarifying shampoo. I use Lush's Rehab Shampoo, but I am not crazy about it because of the parabens and sulfates. Once it's gone I'll be on the hunt for some good chemical free clarifying goodness. rehab rehab
  3. I DO NOT shower/wash my hair everyday. This is a life no-no. If your hair gets greasy day 2, the answer is not to wash, but to use
  4. DRY SHAMPOO! The splurge brand I love is Serge Normant, and the cheap brand is treseme from Target.
  5. Image Image

  6. Post Shower Styling 99% of the time includes a blow dry which means that I 99% of the time use the Morrocan Oil. Based on my friend Vanessa's recommendation of Amika Blowout Spray, I ordered a bottle and will give that a run. I'll report back with the victor.

rehabrehab What about you? What products do you love?