A Makeup Tutorial

I love me a good makeup tutorial. Below is almost the exact eye makeup that I did for my engagement photos and it turned out beautifully. I am thinking of trying this tutorial this weekend for the BLAZERS Nuggets game! Also a great rehearsal dinner/wedding events makeup look.

Shimmering Light.

My number one tip with makeup nonsense is that you don't necessarily have to use the brands that they call for (especially for eyes).

However, for your face, I recommend using what works and for me that is ...

DAILY: Nars Orgasm for blush and Tarte Princess for bronzer, bareminerals foundation.

SPECIAL OCCASIONS: Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, Clinique Tinted Moisterizer in a 3, and then my other daily face stuff.

My one eye makeup caveat with going brand name is eye liner-- you gotta find something that YOU can work with... make it idiot proof, use an angled brush and smudge that stuff outwards off of your eyelid. VIOLA!