Sunday Store Stalking: 23rd Ave in Portland

There's a boy place, I know (Whitney Houston, come on people)... where you can walk the entire street and find gem after gem. On 23rd Ave in Portland, Oregon there is a good mix of chain stores (Francesca's, Urban, Brooklyn Industries) and one-off/local spots. What I love is that there is no sales tax in Oregon (HOLLA!) and the prices for most things on 23rd are awesome sauce. Typically around $40-60 for a dress and $30-60 for cute shoes. For clothes that no one else in Colorado is going to have, it's a pretty sweet deal. And just look how cute this street is! 20140615-220541-79541601.jpg Let's start our street long store stalking at Ellington Handbags. 20140615-220548-79548488.jpg These beauties were soft as butter, a baby's bottom, and velvet all wrapped up in one. My mom might look skeptical in this picture, but she thought and lusted after that bag long after we left the store. It was gorgeous and I licked the leather... just making sure you're still with me.


Little pops of color variations in these beauts... 20140615-220547-79547109.jpg I wanted this one as a casual, everyday friend of mine, but I need another bag that is casual like I need a hole in my toe. 20140615-220542-79542939.jpg We went down the block and found shoe heaven a few stores down. I have refused for three seasons to not buy gladiator sandals because I just don't like them. I don't have a good reason, other than... nope, no reason. Just not my jam friends. But these are cute and not a darn pair of these shoes was over $50. Huzzah. 20140615-220549-79549799.jpg These little fall booties had style and sass for miles... I love you sweet bootie friends 20140615-220551-79551138.jpg These last two cute little dresses were both on display outside of one of the bigger (in size) one-off stores. Their stuff was a little more pricey-- like $40 for tops and dresses hovering right around $60, but it sure was adorb. 20140615-220554-79554285.jpg 20140615-220552-79552645.jpg Do you have a fun street like this in your hometown? Where are your favorite NON MALL places to throw down some serious fashion dollars?

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