The Thing I Wish I Would Have Known About Blogging 2 years ago... and a VOTE!

As I've mentioned before, when I started this blog I had no idea what it would become. I used it as my VERY private place on the internet to ramble and muse and reflect. And yes, I am VERY aware that I still ramble. But as the blog has grown I have run into barrier after barrier with this little guy being on did you know that wordpress.COM is totally different, expensive, restrictive and gives you hardly any storage when compared to wordpress.ORG!? I HAD NO IDEA. I am now embarking on the very technical and AWFUL process of migrating this blog over to wordpress.ORG so that I can do all sorts of fun stuff: clean up my side bar, add adorable social media buttons, utilize plugins, use higher quality photos, have way more storage for photos, better manage Katie and I's Etsy shop via the blog, track stats, have pinterest widgets, and most fun of all: GET SUPER FUN BLOG DESIGNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (That's right people. I figured out gifs. It's about to get real)

Thus, if you are blogging on wordpress at all and anticipate wanting to grow your blog baby into a toddler (ok, my blog is probably about a year and a half old right now, but it is sure giving me fits like a toddler) DO NOT BUY YOUR DOMAIN that you love and will never say goodbye to on wordpress. Go to or somewhere else and have them do the blog migration for you from .com to .org.

Yeah, this is a major nerd alert post and so to keep you from faceplanting into your coffee, I have a poll for y'all to help me narrow down my future blog design template!


1. Go to the following 5 links.

2. Vote for your fav. or vote to say you have a different favorite and are thereby the nicest person to ever exist. You can also look on my Etsy collection of templates that I narrowed these 5 down from initially.

[polldaddy poll=8135797] I'll be back with the winning design. Or not. And FINGERS AND TOES AND HAIR CROSSED you will just see the new design here on House of Bennetts.