Throwback Thursday: Chore Chart For Adults

Back in 2012, I posted my chore chart for adults. It is to date, the second most viewed post on House of Bennetts. That old post was lacking some serious cute factor, and so in the name of pointless Instagram trends, we are throwing it back to that old gem that has gotten some updates! You can grab the PDF here: House of Bennetts chore-chart.


Hopefully it will help you and yours. I am going to give it a spin (again) and then report back. :) We definitely used it for a month and the results were pretty good. Now that we're in need of some serious organization and spring cleaning so this is going to be my kickstarter! As I have mentioned countless times, I LOVE lists. There is something about having it written out that shoves me violently gently nudges me towards staying on top of life a project.

Do lists work for you? Who is the clean one amongst you? (LB thinks I am super messy, but he is terrible at any sort of deep cleaning and we both LOATHE clutter. He once called me the Burger King of clean to his self-proclaimed In 'n Out of clean. You should see my face as I type that.)