Bridal Shower

On Saturday, I had my Oregon bridal shower at my future mother-in-law's house and it was ABSOLUTELY adorable! Who doesn't love being surrounded by the people who love your momma Mary the most? It was such a special day for Mary and I am so glad that I could be there to bring all of her favorite gal pals together!IMG_1351 Her friends are crazy talented... just look at this adorable cupcake dress! Belt, not edible.


IMG_1354 This was the fireplace right by the front door and I posted on Instagram the 56 days until she's Mrs. Bennett sign. What I didn't mention on there yet, was that momma Mary's friend made earrings for EVERY SINGLE SHOWER GUEST. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!??? IMG_1356 IMG_1363 So excited for my initials to be tuberculosis--- TB y'all. IMG_1362

IMG_1364 And now for the people! My mom, me, and my sissy Madeline. Notice the resemblance at all? :) IMG_1367_2 Almost all of the Bennett girls-- we just needed to add Momma Mary who was parading around with her pals. (Me, Sophie (future niece), Jess (LB's sis)) IMG_1368_2

I did manage to snag her for a couple of shots though! The lady of the hour! IMG_1373 IMG_1376 The moms! IMG_1380 Max, LB's dad, and Mary worked their tails off in the backyard to make it awesome... and awesome it was. IMG_1372 It was such a beautiful shower and I feel very lucky to be marrying into this family... which is totally happening because while I was gone LB got these bad boys mailed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yeah... the invites were 4 weeks late... oops).