Colorado Bridal Shower: Tea Time

My girls. I tell you what. My Colorado girls really know how to throw a shindig. My favorite part of the entire bridal shower escapade was the quiz portion. Ashley sent LB questions and I had to guess his answer right in order to open a gift. I did incredibly well. (GO ME!) But there is now a debate on whether our first kiss was in Krysta's apartment or LB's. I maintain LB's but he says Krysta's. I am clearly right because duh. On with the pictures! A lot of the vintage adorableness was rented from Christy-- the lady behind the magic that is Denver Vintage Rentals.

photo 1 photo 5photo 4photo 7 photo 6

And yes, that is a giant donut unicorn from Voodoo. And it was awesome and delish.

Ashley hosted the shindig at her house and I am so impressed by how much progress her and Scott have made! It's pretty incredible. photo 2 photo 3 This wedding would not be happening without these four beauties. (BTW: Peek is officially 9 months pregnant!!!!!!!) photo 8

Some gifts from the rest of the crew that was there. A gorgeous Kate Spade dress that I will be wearing for our rehearsal and a sweet monogram of my new name from Mrs. Lauren.

photo 15 photo 14

Jay-bee. Ever the hater of bridal registries, got us these amazing canvas prints of the dogs. She had LB steal pictures from my computer so that they would be some of my first photography shots.

What a sweetpea.

photo 13 And here is the whole crew... well and half of Jay's head. photo 12

These last two shots are just some of my favorites because I look so darn happy. And I am. So spoiled. So happy and thrilled that LB and I are taking this step and that we've got an amazing group of awesome people helping us along the way.

photo 10 photo 11

Bridal Shower

On Saturday, I had my Oregon bridal shower at my future mother-in-law's house and it was ABSOLUTELY adorable! Who doesn't love being surrounded by the people who love your momma Mary the most? It was such a special day for Mary and I am so glad that I could be there to bring all of her favorite gal pals together!IMG_1351 Her friends are crazy talented... just look at this adorable cupcake dress! Belt, not edible.


IMG_1354 This was the fireplace right by the front door and I posted on Instagram the 56 days until she's Mrs. Bennett sign. What I didn't mention on there yet, was that momma Mary's friend made earrings for EVERY SINGLE SHOWER GUEST. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!??? IMG_1356 IMG_1363 So excited for my initials to be tuberculosis--- TB y'all. IMG_1362

IMG_1364 And now for the people! My mom, me, and my sissy Madeline. Notice the resemblance at all? :) IMG_1367_2 Almost all of the Bennett girls-- we just needed to add Momma Mary who was parading around with her pals. (Me, Sophie (future niece), Jess (LB's sis)) IMG_1368_2

I did manage to snag her for a couple of shots though! The lady of the hour! IMG_1373 IMG_1376 The moms! IMG_1380 Max, LB's dad, and Mary worked their tails off in the backyard to make it awesome... and awesome it was. IMG_1372 It was such a beautiful shower and I feel very lucky to be marrying into this family... which is totally happening because while I was gone LB got these bad boys mailed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yeah... the invites were 4 weeks late... oops).