Gardeners Anonymous

I sometimes think that I might need to join a gardener's anonymous group because I have become addicted to planting things even though I don't know anything about gardening.  I am making this up as I go, but, I have to say that this, my friends, is PROGRESS with a freaking capital P! You might recall from this post that I was going to try my hand at a) not killing these plants and b) actually planting them in the ground. Not only are they not dead, but LOOK, they are growING! 20140516-071611.jpg (HAHAHAHHAHA. Wrong date Treana-- it is not 2015. Oh well, you know what I meant) EEPS!

Since we better damn well be done with the snow now, I grabbed my gardening gloves, a shovel, a future husband, and some shit in a bag (literally, it is shit) and got to work turning these weeds into hopefully something edible.

The Weed Garden... not that kind.

Ground broken up before adding the...

Shit in a bag!

They're in their new home.

Now that these babies are all planted in their new home, I have been talking to them trying to convince them that life is better than death.

I also am working on this front area of the house. IMG_0092

You might recall that the list for the front yard looks like this:

  • Paint front door
  • Paint shutters
  • Paint trim
  • Power wash house & touch up paint
  • Caulk 2398457398475 spots around the windows and roof flashing and porch
  • Get front porch swing or bench
  • Get an appropriately sized entry mat like this
  • Update the light fixture to this
  • Update the windows that have condensation
  • Install house numbers
  • Plant flowers in flower bed
  • Rebrick the flower bed? Expand the flower bed? DO SOMETHING WITH SAID FLOWER BED!
  • Widen and jazz up the front sidewalk
  • New screen door in …. black? White?
  • Install something on roof to make woodpeckers stop their pecking
  • Re-side house

I picked up these white picket fence looking things and am going to post "free red bricks" on NextDoor and Craigslist to have people come and take away the bricks that are currently around the flower bed. I am going to square the bed off once the bricks are gone and then get some rubber edging stuff to put down on the inside of where the fence will go. I went out there and measured today and figured out that I'll need about 6 more of those white picket fence things, but I'll be able to square out the bed pretty easily. Stay tuned y'all.