MVP Acceptance Speech How am I just now watching this? "Words can't explain how much I feel care about you. How much I care about your well-being." He spends 26 minutes thanking everyone else. No self-congratulations, no arrogance, just relishing in his blessings and appreciation for them. This stuff about Westbrook (who drives me crazy a lot) is just incredibly moving:

“I could speak all night about Russell. An emotional guy who would run through a wall for me. I don’t take it for granted. There’s days where I just want to tackle you and tell you to snap out of it sometimes. I know there’s days you want to do the same thing with me. I love you, man. I love you. A lot of people put unfair criticism on you as a player, and I’m the first to have your back, man, through it all. Just stay the person you are, man. Everyone loves you here. I love you. I thank you so much, man. You made me better. Your work ethic — I always wanted to compete with you, I always wanted to pull up in the parking lot of the arena or the practice facility, and if you beat me there I was always upset. I always wanted to outwork you. And you set the bar, you set the tone. Thank you so much, man. Thank you. You got a big piece of this [trophy]. You’re an MVP-caliber player and it’s a blessing to play with you.”

Grab a tissue. Man, I love basketball. Go Sonics!