It's Gettin' Art in Here!

I posted last Tuesday about Volume twenty five and their adorable prints. Along with the awesome laundry print I got, I also ordered these bad boys: IMG_0501 I love the rain in this one-- reminds me of home and how even with rain, things still work out. Sometimes, even more beautifully than before. I just went back to Volume twenty five's site and saw that they are from Washington... this all makes sense now! PNW for life (from a distance). IMG_0502 This one just evokes a sense of whimsy and I dig it.

Truth be told, these prints are probably going to end up in a baby room at some point... they've just got that kind of vibe. But I am digging them for now as something to add a little color to the gym room. That room just needs a ton of help. Speaking of, I had LB hang this old school painting that I did. I am thinking that the two prints above would look great flanking this one:

IMG_0589 I think it is poetic in a sense that my craft supplies are sneaking into the corner of this picture talking about where you invest your love. Because really, I do LOVE making stuff and learning as I go. Also, let's just appreciate how AWESOME this blue paint color is (Black Pepper by BMoore)! IMG_0591

How did I do this? So easy.

  1. Buy a colorful old painting at the thrift store on a half-off Saturday.
  2. Get a fun color of Martha craft paint and a cheap brush.
  3. Then buy sticky letters... they are usually in the back of Michaels by the poster boards.
  4. Measure out your design/saying with a ruler and stuff.
  5. Stick the letters down and then paint the entire canvas.
  6. Let dry for about 5 minutes and then carefully pull off the letters-- cleaning up any paint edges where the paint might have bled through.

The letters look like this:


Last tip? Use a Mumford quote cause they are the best at life, singing and speaking and stuff.