Trimming It Out

One of my goals for the past, uh, year (yikes) has been to get rid of the green trim on our house. I posed about it here, here, here, and here. I knew I wanted it black and bought the paint for it a year ago. The issue was that the idea of LB and I up on a ladder scraping and priming and painting caused me to up our life insurance.  Real talk. We finally found Mario who agreed to paint it for $300. SOLD! IMG_5716

We used the Clark + Kensington Paint in Semi-Gloss Black. I like that I said "we" when I did literally no painting.


The unexpected benefit of getting this stuff painted, was that the wood had seen better days. It needed scraping and caulking and Mario took care of all of that. I also want to pressure wash the crap out of the house/the white paint and get that all sealed, but that's way down on the priority list right now.


Painters who paint with a smile.


I LOVE how classic it looks now.

IMG_5730 IMG_5796

I am obsessed with the black shutters. They would look better with white blinds (clearly), but one-ish thing at a time. IMG_5733

The light I ordered also showed up from! It was a little smaller than I originally thought; the swiffer is there for size comparison obviously and not because I was too lazy to move it out of the shot.


But anything is an improvement over this thing.

IMG_5729 IMG_5737 IMG_5738



The real benefit of this bad boy is the light output. It is bright as all hell. Our front porch can be seen from the next street over, a copter, an airplane, the freaking moon.


Regardless, I am so glad to have these "small" outdoor updates handled. It's only taken a year.

Laundry Room Demo

How was your Christmas? Ours was incredibly busy as always, driving up and down I-5 to see family and friends and eating so. much. bad. for. you. but. tastes. amazing. food.  Never in my whole life have I felt this DEMAND from my body to eat some freaking fruits and veggies dangit. Anywho, the day before we left for Christmas, we got busy in this little nook.


After it was demoed out, Avery came to spend her 3rd Birthday with us and I put this big girl right to work.  Here she is SO excited to use that pink spackling stuff. IMG_4051

Our handiwork. IMG_4052

She took a break to play with Skip and bring me some towels to finish wiping up the floors in the nook. IMG_4053

While wiping, I noticed these lovely little notches of goodness that had been hanging out behind those ugly bifold doors. My idea is to cut out a chunk of the baseboard behind the machines and fill in this gap. LB is not so keen on that idea. If anyone know where this baseboard molding is from, PLEASE let me know. I need about 9 inches (all this drama for 9 inches). IMG_4054 IMG_4058

Avery and I took off for Home Depot and ended up going with...Benjamin Moore Hale Navy. Spoiler alert: I am loving it. IMG_4063

All the spackling was dry and Avery was ready to paint. IMG_4064 IMG_4068

We made about that much progress when this little bundle showed up! HI BELLE!!! The world's cutest distraction. IMG_4071

Anywho, while I played with Belle worked on other stuff, Sam and Avery got busy in the nook! Go girls!IMG_4074

I took a ton of pictures of it all painted so that you could get some sort of idea of the color. The light in here is just a yellow light bulb (add that to the project list). IMG_4075 IMG_4078 IMG_4080

On Christmas Eve as I was waiting for us to leave for the airport, I started stenciling... I think it is going to be adorable, but MAN OH MAN do I have all the thoughts about that adventure. You'll have to wait for those until 2015!!!