Honey! We've Got an Extra Kitchen Cabinet!

You might recall that we refinished our kitchen as soon as we moved into Grape Street. Part of that redo was painting the kitchen cabinets white. There was one cabinet, above the fridge, was not hung level and generally sat back too far behind the fridge-- it was useless up there. While I don't have a good before of the cabinet up there wasting space, let's just appreciate what the kitchen used to look like. IMG_5199 Now instead of that cabinet up there, we hung a picture.... pretty original. Eventually we'd like to get a bigger fridge, but that's all part of the bigger kitchen reno in phase 2. IMG_0288 So we had this cabinet just chilling on the back porch for about 2 months... no idea what to do with it. Make it an open shelf somewhere in the house? Donate it? I just didn't have any awesome ideas that would fit in our space. IMG_0211

Finally, we realized that we don't have a garage or any storage near the back covered porch (we're slow thoughtful). What we did have was this weird door thingy... we removed it and saw that it was just a hole that backed up to the kitchen cement board. We eyeballed the size of the cabinet and thought it could work.


IMG_0217 So we took the cabinet and spray painted it white.



Afterwards we got the longest bolts I've ever seen and drilled them into the studs. Not bad for a little outdoor storage solution! I want to get some hooks for the bottom of the cabinet to hang the watering cans, hoes, and stuff. What about you? Any new storage solutions? I am thinking that you could find an old cabinet or two from restore and do this same sort of thing if you're lacking in garage or backporch storage space.

Bring on spring & summer!


IMG_0286 Woof. Look at that cream/white light fixture. Woof.