Photography Practice: Maternity Style

My dear friend Peek is expecting her first baby girl. She is just such a light in my life and I am RIDICULOUSLY excited to meet this little one. The day after I had a phone call with my friend Angela who spent about 2 hours talking to me about photography and what exposure is and how to take an actual picture, Peek came over for dinner. I forced her asked her to let me take just a few practice shots of her and some of them turned out pretty darn cute for it being dark as heck outside. (my shutter speed was like 1/13, ISO anywhere from 1600-3200, and F stop was alllllll the way down (prob around a 3 or 4). Now listen, kind reader. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING. This is literally the first time I have ever used a real camera and I am just trying to learn. So be kind, rewind, and read on. Maternity Photos

Starting with my favorite one of the little 5 minute photo shoot is prob not the best idea, but I can't resist. Look at that face-- Peek's face! you bulldog lover, you-- well and Walter's face too I suppose. IMG_0257

This one is noticeably more blurry because Walter would not cooperate. (Shocker). With the shutter speed so low, the blur is inevitable! Peek, however, is adorable. Ack! IMG_0256

Just Peek and the baby chilling on the couch, looking ridic cute. IMG_0254

These next two are not the best in terms of blur/crispness, but I can literally hear her laugh when I look at them. Lurve. IMG_0252


Baby Love. IMG_0249

In these next two I tried kicking the shutter speed up to about 1/20 and you can see how much darker it is! This stuff actually works! WHO KNEW!?!?? IMG_0247


This last one is super grainy because of the lack of light, but I think in Black & White it would look adorable. IMG_0245 In fact... IMG_0245 So how about you? Any fun pictures you've been taking lately? Any photography tips in general-- I mean tips that a kindergartener could understand.