Wedding Thank You Cards

I wrote a few weeks ago about how momma Mary was working on these thank you cards. Well NOW they are in my hot little hand and I am just FLIPPING OUT over how DAMN cute they are. I really wish I could take credit, but I cannot. What a perfect project for a long distance friend or in-law who wants to help! And can we just pause in appreciation for the packaging?!? I am going to see if Momma Mary is interested in selling these bad boys on Katie and I's in progress Etsy store. ;) These sweet little ring bearer cards just make me wanna slap on a suit & tie.


The flower girl ones from the previous post all done up pretty like. IMG_0275

The bridesmaid and groomsmen ones have special little photos in each one. Mostly photos of LB and I, cause, well, we're awesome. IMG_0274



Then she made 12 personalized thank you cards for all of the vendors: photographer, baker, candlestick maker... ya know. The usual peeps. IMG_0268

The mother load of mother-in-law made thank you cards. MAN... I just wanna roll around in their cuteness. IMG_0272 I am so glad to have these special cards to give to the people who mean the most to us. We ARE incredibly grateful and while a thank you card will never fully express our gratitude, it sure does help that they are cute as hell.

*OH! And we got our first official wedding/shower gifts last Thursday! We now have enough silverware for 12 people. Who is coming over for dinner? IMG_0264