It's Gettin' Art in Here!

I posted last Tuesday about Volume twenty five and their adorable prints. Along with the awesome laundry print I got, I also ordered these bad boys: IMG_0501 I love the rain in this one-- reminds me of home and how even with rain, things still work out. Sometimes, even more beautifully than before. I just went back to Volume twenty five's site and saw that they are from Washington... this all makes sense now! PNW for life (from a distance). IMG_0502 This one just evokes a sense of whimsy and I dig it.

Truth be told, these prints are probably going to end up in a baby room at some point... they've just got that kind of vibe. But I am digging them for now as something to add a little color to the gym room. That room just needs a ton of help. Speaking of, I had LB hang this old school painting that I did. I am thinking that the two prints above would look great flanking this one:

IMG_0589 I think it is poetic in a sense that my craft supplies are sneaking into the corner of this picture talking about where you invest your love. Because really, I do LOVE making stuff and learning as I go. Also, let's just appreciate how AWESOME this blue paint color is (Black Pepper by BMoore)! IMG_0591

How did I do this? So easy.

  1. Buy a colorful old painting at the thrift store on a half-off Saturday.
  2. Get a fun color of Martha craft paint and a cheap brush.
  3. Then buy sticky letters... they are usually in the back of Michaels by the poster boards.
  4. Measure out your design/saying with a ruler and stuff.
  5. Stick the letters down and then paint the entire canvas.
  6. Let dry for about 5 minutes and then carefully pull off the letters-- cleaning up any paint edges where the paint might have bled through.

The letters look like this:


Last tip? Use a Mumford quote cause they are the best at life, singing and speaking and stuff.


Laundry Room Brainstorming & Small Updates

Our laundry room looks like this (clutter and all):IMG_0398 (I so badly want to do something, anything, to these bi-fold doors. I hate them and thought you should know.)

IMG_0399 (*Fun fact: at our old house we would hold poker tournaments in our garage--hence, the 39485493857 red solo cups)

It has looked like this since we moved in and we haven't done a darn thing to make it look any better. All that is about to change... slowly. Here's where my thought process currently is on the laundry room:

  • Do something awesome with the laundry room (so... just do something awesome Treana... currently, I am thinking of doing a whole container store Elfa system)
  • Get rid of the ugly laundry bi-fold doors
  • New washer and dryer
  • New light in laundry
  • Paint laundry room a fun bright color (most of the basement is gray... THANK THE LORD IT's NOT POOP BROWN!)
  • Freshen up space with art

So I did the least committal thing from this list and ordered an adorable print from Volume twenty five on Etsy and am SHOCKED at the quality and adorable nature of this print. But first: y'all know I am a sucker for good packaging. You could send me the worst present in the world and I would still OOOO and AHHHH all over it, if you packed it up super cute. I have a feeling I am going to be bad at this whole bridal shower thing because pretty packages make me stall ripping them apart. #thelittlethings IMG_0497


So, where was I? AHHH yes, the prints! Look at this adorable laundry room print I got.

IMG_0499 You can see from this zoomed in pick that the paper is basically a canvas material. The Etsy shop says the following about the paper & the prints:

Each and every piece of VOL25 art is printed on textured canvas. I promise you will fall in love with this canvas paper, just as much as I did! The depth and color produced is very crisp and truly amazing... something you have to hold in your hands to really appreciate. You are welcome to browse my shop feedback, many customers have left excellent feedback regarding this unique media.

ARCHIVAL INK --------------------------- VOL25 artwork is reproduced with highly archival pigment based ink. We use a professional level wide format Epson Stylus 4880. Super fun fact: I affectionately refer to my printer as "Prints Charming." :)


I can attest to all of this... including the fact that I think her printer is Prints Charming now as well. I have been snowed in this last weekend (that's right, it's May and it's snowing... welcome to Denver) and my aunt-mom was here last weekend for a visit, so I haven't had a chance to scour the thrift store for my next framing redo-project. Me thinks some distressing with a new color of chalk paint I picked up may be in order... stay tuned.

What are you decking your laundry room out with these days? Anything besides dirty underwear and socks?