Wedding Pictures... From Our DJ

DJ Perry Washington. What a guy. He surprised us after the wedding (like two days after the wedding) by sending us a disc with 466 wedding pictures on it. Yeah. Woah. Since I spent a great deal of time on the dance floor and LB does not enjoy dancing, it looks as though I put on a white dress to dance with my friends. While true, LB and I got to spend some quality time up on the mountains with Preston and Ben. We're RIDIC anxious to get those shots, so these are a good tide over until the real deal shows up. These first few give a good idea of what our wedding site looked like: fire pit, bags and swings behind these folks, and a whole lot of mingling on the side of a mountain.


This is my niece. She is the most adorable flower girl ever (they all were). She is a not a child model and no you can't have her.


This is my father in law giving the blessing. Our head table looks amazing! You can also spot the cake behind him! And the mirrored string lights from the rehearsal and set up debacle!

10593215_842375051658_8151584953526936621_n 10584077_842375271218_1592090331851120126_n

My beautiful Sammie in her dress with her flowers, mason jars and the mason jar dispensers I got from World Market. Oh, and her adorable hubs looking at her.


The people! The lanterns! Avery walking down a hill!


My work people playing corn hole on the boards that LB, Katie and I made.1625503_842380570598_5095706538480973438_n

Just a chat with the best photographer I know. Me and P. 1521712_842382007718_2039644657329484866_n

A sweet kiss after cake. I love that husby.


And then, WE DANCED! The momma and I rocking out like woah. 10521188_842377761228_3935274557209781696_n

Me and the sis doing amazing things I am sure.




More sing dancing to each other. I love my sissy.


My grin in this picture is the best. These are my people y'all. 10570453_842384512698_8793669469113669719_n

Hey. LB is on the dance floor!


And then this because, well this.


The sparkler exit that wasn't going to happen, but did. 10577083_842386857998_6702463855030877457_n

How was that for a little teaser?!? Is my DJ not the most awesome of awesomes?



Ok. Fine. You win. Here are a couple bonus shots from my photostream...


IMG_0930 IMG_0948 1276313_10152652702731972_9190764842328146922_o   10515205_10152652707921972_128164026263063777_o

I mean it this time. Sneak peak done-zo. So, what do ya think?