Final Installment of Wedding Photos

The other two series of photos covered the getting ready and ceremony phases of our wedding.  In this final section we get to the good stuff: the pictures in the mountains and the PARRRRRTAAAAAAY! I am not really going to comment on these pictures (shocking, I know), because I just think that they speak for themselves.  I look at these and know that without a doubt it was the best day of my life. So enjoy and again, don't be a turd... if you use them, give credit where credit is due.

treana_lawren_wedding-295 treana_lawren_wedding-312 treana_lawren_wedding-316 treana_lawren_wedding-337treana_lawren_wedding-502 treana_lawren_wedding-348treana_lawren_wedding-372treana_lawren_wedding-378treana_lawren_wedding-391wedding pic 1 treana_lawren_wedding-509 treana_lawren_wedding-512 treana_lawren_wedding-513 treana_lawren_wedding-518 treana_lawren_wedding-532 treana_lawren_wedding-537 treana_lawren_wedding-542 treana_lawren_wedding-504 treana_lawren_wedding-511


treana_lawren_wedding-426 treana_lawren_wedding-429 treana_lawren_wedding-432 treana_lawren_wedding-435 treana_lawren_wedding-437 treana_lawren_wedding-439 treana_lawren_wedding-442

treana_lawren_wedding-454 treana_lawren_wedding-457 treana_lawren_wedding-464 treana_lawren_wedding-466 treana_lawren_wedding-467 treana_lawren_wedding-515 treana_lawren_wedding-538 treana_lawren_wedding-556 treana_lawren_wedding-582 treana_lawren_wedding-589 treana_lawren_wedding-604 treana_lawren_wedding-605 treana_lawren_wedding-611 treana_lawren_wedding-613 treana_lawren_wedding-614 treana_lawren_wedding-617 treana_lawren_wedding-618 treana_lawren_wedding-619 treana_lawren_wedding-621 treana_lawren_wedding-622 treana_lawren_wedding-631 treana_lawren_wedding-633


Wedding Photos: The Detail Shots and Ceremony

For the Part 1: Getting Ready shots, check them out here. Also, don't be a jerk and remember that if you pin the wedding photos or use them, give credit where credit is due. When I arrived up at the wedding site, my mom was already up there helping Katie get set up. When I arrived, I was greeted by this:

treana_lawren_wedding-103 treana_lawren_wedding-105

Us gals then scooted up to the bride's cabin and hid waited for the ceremony to start. Since LB drives like a crazy person, he got there WAY too quick so we scampered inside. This one with all the girls is a top ten. treana_lawren_wedding-112

The shots Preston got inside the cabin are some of my favorites. treana_lawren_wedding-117 treana_lawren_wedding-121

A top 10: (I've been keeping track... I am only at 3 so far)treana_lawren_wedding-134 treana_lawren_wedding-140

And now... the details! Here is the flavored water that we had sitting out with mason jars and tags that also served as the seating chart! treana_lawren_wedding-136

Some blue lemonade that Buddy is pouring into one of our kid cups.


Said seating chart showing my husband's name... awwww.


Photobooth sign I designed in a frame I spray painted. treana_lawren_wedding-152 treana_lawren_wedding-153

Direction signpost. LURVE. treana_lawren_wedding-157

And now... the place settings. Everything you see was curated by katie and I. She sewed the runners and the napkins. I designed the menus with Rachel and had the forks tied by the boys the night before. treana_lawren_wedding-159

We also had CDs as our favors and the names of the cities that people were in town from as our table names/numbers. The vintage plates were rented. treana_lawren_wedding-161 treana_lawren_wedding-162 treana_lawren_wedding-172

The wine on the tables also had custom labels on them that reminded me of the Mumford concert. treana_lawren_wedding-175

Our flower girls wore boots! Adorb. You can also see the ring bearer pillow that Katie sewed in about 5 minutes.

treana_lawren_wedding-199 treana_lawren_wedding-200

LB hugging his dad and all the smiles. treana_lawren_wedding-214

Our arch! With the coffee filter flowers up top... you'd never know! treana_lawren_wedding-206 treana_lawren_wedding-255 treana_lawren_wedding-215 treana_lawren_wedding-259

Another top 10 while LB was reading his vows... I am only at 4 top 10 pictures so far. treana_lawren_wedding-260

My sister and brother in law making sure Mary could see the whole ceremony. God love Skype. treana_lawren_wedding-264 treana_lawren_wedding-265

My vows and reading them... treana_lawren_wedding-269

Jess in prayer mode. treana_lawren_wedding-282

We're married!!! Let's sneak a kiss! treana_lawren_wedding-273

Everything after this picture got crazy amazing up in the mountains...treana_lawren_wedding-277

Stay tuned for next Friday when I share the rest of Preston's awesomeness. EEEEEEEK!