Pinterest Finds I am Loving Lately

A smattering of awesome Pinterest goodness for your Friday. This picture has served as the inspiration for my haircut I am getting today. I am chopping at least 4 inches off and I am THRILLED to be doing it.

hair 1

My friend is buying a huge house and asked for my help in furnishing it. I jumped on it like a jack rabbit figured I could help her and calmly agreed to do so. We started a board on pinterest and you should check it out. But first! Some of my favorite home finds/where I start when taking on a room project.

  • Paint Colors! My paint color parade board... it's paint idea heaven House of Bennetts style
  • A vase that adds texture and interest to a space
  • A sweet mirror that I couldn't make myself
  • I dig this couch and if Aubyn doesn't get it, we might have to add it to our list...


  • LOVING this side chair... LOVING


  • A throw for much loved chair and couch above
  • A less loved sidechair, but an alternative design option

I also made my "Final Cut" and "Actual Wedding" boards public post-wedding. Just looking at them now makes me remember my vision and how perfectly it was executed on the day! I am so proud of myself.

(Side note: I totally get that you are not "supposed" to say that you are proud of yourself or that you think you are beautiful or that you think you are awesome. This is total bull shit. Women are awesome. Women can accomplish a lot. Women are beautiful and proud and all of that. Take your insecurity and check it at the door y'all. This is a place where "bragging" is safe.)

What pinterest finds are inspiring you this week?