Last Minute Wedding Ideas

We are officially 47 days before the wedding and 45 days we leave for Breckenridge for this shin dig. 45 days. Not weeks or months. 45 miniscule little tiny DAYS. In honor of being this close to the wedding, this ladies and germs is what we call a good ol' fashioned brain dump:

  • Send out thank you cards from shower
  • Have a bin of thank you card envelopes on the gift/card table and have guests fill out envelopes with their addresses at the reception to make thank-you notes that much simpler to send. Will need to create a sign that says: "Dropped off a card or a gift? Leave us your address so we can drop you a line!" Perhaps may change the wording so that people who mailed gifts will also fill it out. Perhaps we just do it by the guestbook table and say, leave us your address so we can drop you a line.
  • Laundry bags for linen clean up
  • Hound friends and family for RSVPs
  • Get a poster board and colored sticky flags for seating chart-- color code by his, hers, work, and friends
  • Once said seating chart is done, get table names and guest names to momma mary so that she can get them onto chalkboard tags and shipped back to us.
  • Have Katie pick up a few flower buds in the morning of the wedding to add to cake to pull this off.... with light pink buds preferrably... white ok.
  • Make sure to have bug spray or wipes of some sort as well as sunscreen.
  • 4 cement blocks for bridesmaids to stand on
  • Schedule waxes, shoulder surgery/cortizone shot, and haircut (one of these things is not like the other)
  • Figure out morning of wedding schedule with makeup and hair folks
  • Get DJ Perry Washington a song list
  • Get welcome bags packed up and photograph
  • Make sure to have tissues on hand for guests and bridal party
  • Start organizing wedding bins... holy moly has this room gotten out of control:

From door, looking right.

I'll be back next week with a wedding friendly checklist. And by wedding friendly, I mean for myself. Cause I am selfish and I need it.