Side and Back Yard "Plans"

Hey! You're standing in my front yard... in winter! The spring and summer weather have really given us a complete picture of the yard situation we are facing and most of it is awesome and green and beautiful. Other parts of it are... well... "piney" You'll see on the far left of the house a tall "pine" tree (I have no idea what kind of tree it is exactly). What I've never shown before is the gravel area that the tree sits in and a chain link fence to the backyard. IMG_0093 I haven't talked much about this side yard or this side of the backyard because we have had no idea what we were going to do with it for so long. The fact is that we still don't know exactly where we are going to head with it, but here's the current plan. That tall tree right there, is getting taken out and down. Front Yard- Left of House

So are these stumps that are chilling right behind that piney guy.

Front Yard- Left of House

Tree and his friends are getting the heave ho. And maybe even that big guy in the back eventually....

Front Yard to Back of House

This front yard tree is the cause of a ton of our yard issues. It sheds pines like crazy and looks somewhat dead.

Front Yard Tree

Why the tree removing and area opening up project? Well, it all started when I came home from work one day and LB had ripped out this giant bush under the window and the small tree next to it in the backyard. #latentangerrelease

Bush in backyard

With those two bad boys gone the area was really a lot more open. Case in point (sorry for the crap picture, but we haven't had a lot of cloudy afternoons lately. #denverpictureproblems):


Our current thought is this multi step crazy process:

1. Rip out the tree and the stumps on this side of the yard. (Our first quote for this was over $800!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

2. Extend whatever wooden fence we have installed/do our selves all the way to the front yard corner of the house, instead of having the fence where it currently is (the back yard corner of the house).

3. Possibly take out this tree in the back yard as well so that we can...


4. Eventually get rid of this awful shed and build a driveway/garage in this back part of the yard. (This is the pipe dream folks).

It's only 4 steps so it can't be that bad right?!? (haahhahahaa).

The good news is that the other side of the yard still has plenty of tree/green action. The tree we might eventually remove is on the left in the picture below and that shed is just a piece of poop that needs to go. We would basically be redoing our entire backyard to put a garage back here, so who freaking knows. If we did end up putting a garage in the back yard, then we definitely would not extend the fence down to meet the front corner of the house.

Backyard looking right

I feel like I should have entitled this post, the who freaking knows post. How do you all tackle back yard plans? Who thinks our plan is ridic? (If you do, PLEASE feel free to re do it). :)