House Crash: Breckenridge

Since I have now picked out most of my photos for my gratitude challenge, I can finally share the house that LB and I stayed in up in Breckenridge. It was, quite simply, the nicest place I have ever laid my weary head. Great company, great wine, food, and conversation. It was a fantastic weekend and we felt so lucky to have friends that invite us to do things like this. There's LB unloading our bikes from the truck in front of the 4 car garage and the main entrance to the house. (The back deck is right behind the garage).


This is the other wing of the house (the garages are to the right).


When you walk in you see the kitchen to your left... (the kitchen was not overwhelming and was totally overshadowed by the rest of the house).


And if you look straight ahead when you walk in you see this hallway... and a few steps down the hallway if you turn left and look up, you see this...

IMG_2642 IMG_2627

This is the living room to your left.



Even the windows in the garage had this kind of detail work in this house.


This is a better picture of the landing to your left that takes you to the three bedrooms upstairs.


This is the right side that is underneath the landing. It had a pool table, an X-box and another office/sitting area.


I was overwhelmed by all of the exposed wood and then I went out to the back deck, and was overwhelmed all over again.

IMG_2647 IMG_2643

And this was the view from the back deck.


I'll take it! We can't wait to go back to this 9,000 feet in elevation beauty in the winter. Should be pretty decent. :)