Grape Street: Kitchen & Living Room Progress

Progress pics from 1/22/14. This is the dresser I was talking about yesterday. I wish I would have gotten an actual before picture but this is it after one coat of the Minwax Stain in Espresso. Before I applied the stain, I stripped the dresser using an indoor friendly stripper (orange scented!) and sanded it down with 80 grit sand paper and an orbital sander.

Next steps: I am going to be making my own white chalk paint to paint the bottom this weekend hopefully. Oh, and those handles are already off! Peek took them off with a drill she used herself (!!!) and wood filled the holes. We are going to go with something pretty modern to replace them. Have I mentioned this thing weighs 983,745,983,509,845 pounds? Cause it does. (See the post here for the end result of this dresser makeover!).


Ahhhh cabinets. You have become my nemesis. This is them after their second coat of primer/first coat using the actual right stuff that I talked about here.


Our biggest kitchen victory: the hole behind the stove is covered with cement board and "sheetrocked" and taped up on the sides. We had to go buy some scrap drywall to fill in the holes on each side as well as the mesh tape that they sell ya whenever you are tiling against cement board. The sheetrock we used was the best $5 cheater trick we picked up at Lowe's. We got the stuff pictured below because we didn't have to make a huge bucket of sheetrock... this stuff was more like working with spackle so it was super fast and easy!




This is how the rest of the kitchen looks now, but with a coat of primer on the fronts of most of those cabinets... it's gonna be a late night. I am committed to getting the rest of the cabinet frames primed tonight and getting one coat of paint on everything. 20140122-072933.jpg