Moving is so tiring, but moving in 6 inches of snow on Thursday and then having 60 degrees on Friday was beyond tiring... The upside was that we got to have Andy here for the move (it's a tradition) and so yesterday when we got the last load from the old house, we went to Park Burger to celebrate. As a reminder, our old rental house had zero insulation and so the temperature in that thing when we left?


Also you can see where Walter was the last one to leave.

Last night the big accomplishment was LB finishing getting the cement board up in the kitchen all around the backsplash as well as hard wiring in the under cabinet lights. They look AWESOME!





You might also notice that all of the cabinet faces are primed and about 40% of the face have their first coat of paint. I'm taking to the outdoors today to tackle cabinets cause those things are driving me cookoo bird.

A final shot of our living room where it'll be looking much different this afternoon... I've got a dresser to finish chalk painting and sealing!